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Priscilla Okoh, also known as Prisokoh,

She is called and ordained as an Apostle of the gospel in the field of evangelism,

She’s also called as a gospel artiste to minister to the world as a minister, bringing men and women, and youths into the kingdom through songs and the word.

She’s the founder and Provost of PRISOKOH GOSPEL MUSIC ACADEMY. (POGMA),

which is an online moving academy where upcoming talented gospel artistes are being trained in their gifted area in music

She released her new Song titled MIRACLE GOD. By the help of the holy Spirit this song was recently Recorded to show forth the Powerand the miracle of God almighty

This song is dedicated to God Almighty who has given me the privilege and the gift of singing this song, he has been my source in everything and my strength up to date.

I also dedicate this song to POGMA, Prisokoh Gospel and Music Academy, and to all those who have encouraged me one way and the other in putting this song together to the glory of God.

As you listen to the song the mighty hand of GOD will prove himself in your life and miracleswill start to happen in the very area you need the hands of God

God bless you all and increase you mightily.


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